4 Reasons Why IT Careers Are In Demand

4 Reasons Why IT Careers Are In Demand

Massive layoffs in 2022 by global technology firms like Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and Twitter have caused over 25,000+ people worldwide to lose their jobs. The Indian operations of these companies have also been affected—more than half of Twitter’s India staff was laid off. Indians were also among the 13% of Meta’s workforce that had to be let go. While such circumstances may not be in your control, you can work on staying up-to-date to be a valuable asset to your company.

Gartner report describes how the industry has been continuously evolving. New technologies like the metaverse, super apps and Web3 enable developed immersive experiences. As these emerging technologies enter the mainstream, they give rise to new IT roles.

Here are 4 reasons why IT careers are in demand:

1. In-demand Technology Roles

Technology advancement is moving faster than at any time in history with automation, blockchain, metaverse and the Internet of Things (IoT). With the launch of fifth-generation mobile services, the growth of the IT sector will accelerate further, creating more career opportunities.

As companies accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, they will require talents in seven key technology domains – namely DevOps, Customer Experience, Cloud, Automation, Platforms and products, Data Management and Cybersecurity and privacy – to succeed.

  • Statista states that the Indian IT and Business Process Management industry had an estimated 4.8 million employees in FY22.
  • The IT sector’s contribution to India’s GDP was 7.4% in FY22.
  • In the third quarter of FY23, the industry is expected to hire two hundred thousand professionals.

The financial services company Capital One had more technology job postings than IT companies in June 2022. It is significant considering the company had hired three thousand software engineers the previous year as it migrated to Amazon Cloud.

2. Well-Paying Jobs

Technology is crucial an invaluable asset for the success of all businesses. As per a Mckinsey study, 90 per cent of technology occupations delivered more lifetime earnings than other occupations. The average annual entry-level salary of Indian IT professionals is ₹5,50,000, which is higher than the average yearly wage of ₹4,70,000 for non-IT sector professionals in entry-level roles. According to Payscale, the average base salary for an IT professional is ₹7,91,000 per year.

  • Google India pays an average monthly base salary of ₹9,68,926 to IT engineers, and the range varies between ₹6,81,720 and ₹28,89,579 depending on experience. 
  • Ericsson pays its Indian IT engineers an average salary of ₹5,62,041 per year, while Cisco India pays an average salary of ₹11,40,017 per year to its IT engineers. 
3. Flexible Work Options

The information-intensive nature of IT enables different flexible work options for you to leverage your technical knowledge and skills. You can work from anywhere, anytime, and strike the right balance between your personal and professional lives without losing financial stability.

4 Reasons Why IT Careers Are In Demand

Some prominent technology companies, such as Atlassian and Dropbox, have created a permanent remote work policy.

Indian IT companies have allowed hybrid work for their employees. The trend enables you to find positions that allow you to work remotely as an employee for an organisation or as a consultant on a project-by-project basis.

You must build the right skills through a professional program, such as an MBA in Information Technology and Systems Management, to leverage the IT careers in demand.

4. Opportunities to be Creative

IT careers in demand will push you to be creative since IT professionals are expected to devise technological solutions for business problems. You could be an augmented reality (AR) designer, a game designer, a UI/UX designer, a data scientist, a full-stack developer or even an artificial intelligence (AI) specialist.

How To Prepare For An Information Technology Career

If you have the technical aptitude and problem-solving skills, you can build a promising career in information technology. One of the effective ways to gain from IT careers in demand is through an accredited program in information technology.

An MBA in Information Technology and Systems Management will help you grasp the fundamentals of technology and management and how they can disrupt the current business scenario together. It can help you start your career as a business or system analyst.

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