4 Reasons You Must Opt For A Distance MBA

An MBA is considered a skill upgrade for both freshers and working professionals. It allows you to move to managerial positions and, therefore, better salaries. However, whether you should give up your job to pursue a full-time MBA or do a part-time or Distance MBA while continuing to work has remained a conundrum. Post-COVID and the many technological advances, the outlook towards distance MBAs or other courses have drastically changed.  Considering a Distance MBA to boost your career? Here are 4 reasons you must seriously consider it. 

  1. Helps In Upskilling While Gaining Experience
    With a Distance MBA, you don’t have to give up your job; you only have to manage your time better. While on the one hand, you can remain abreast with industry developments, on the other, the lessons and assignments of the MBA program add to your skills, including people relations, project management and goal planning. The skills you learn during your program can be immediately implemented in your job. Thus, you get the best of both worlds, which helps you get a better salary, work profile and perquisites in your chosen function and industry.
  2. Improves Your Promotion Prospects
    After working in the same profile for years, you would want to upgrade & improve your career prospects. However, higher positions are primarily managerial and require skills in planning, goal-setting and looking at the bigger picture. Whether you’re seeking a promotion or a new job, having an MBA specific to the field places you at an advantage over a less-qualified candidate with the same experience.
  3. At Par With Traditional MBAs 
    Distance MBAs were never considered at par with on-campus MBAs owing to the ‘distance’ between the program, students & the faculty. However, top institutes have smartly bridged the gap by adapting the benefits of on-campus & Distance MBAs. Students can now complete their Distance MBAs from the comforts of their homes while being assured that they have the same rigour as traditional MBAs. And technology has played a significant role in doing so.  NMIMS Global uses modern technology to make a Distance MBA experience as rich as a campus MBA, using multimedia study material and a learning app with the entire courseware that can be accessed from both laptops and desktops. There are live and recorded sessions with faculty, a digital library with a vast repository of scholarly articles, case studies & journals, online interactions with fellow students and virtual networking with alumni from top MNCs. This helps in providing both depth of learning and breadth of exposure. With the improved quality of learning, corporates are now more favourable towards candidates with Distance MBAs. 
  4. The Market For ODL Is At An All-Time High 
    Distance MBAs offered in Open and Distance learning (ODL) have become very popular in India and worldwide in the past few years. Due to the pandemic, businesses and people started seeing the benefits the internet offered. As per a study, the value of the digital education market in India has shot up from INR 91.41 Bn in 2020 and is expected to reach INR 325.48 Bn by 2026. This transition has enabled convenient learning, upskilling, and earning a degree to secure good jobs. 

Choose The Right B-School

When considering a Distance MBA, the school you pick matters a lot. A distance MBA from a top-ranked school like NMIMS Global, which has an up-to-date, industry-oriented curriculum and renowned faculty, carries higher weightage among recruiters than a full-time MBA from a lesser-known institute. Distance MBA programs from higher-ranking schools are designed better to suit the industry requirements and have higher corporate acceptance. 
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