5 Must-Have Business Management Skills You Can Learn From A BBA Program

5 Must-Have Business Management Skills You Can Learn From A BBA Program

Business Management focuses on strategising, planning and analysing activities for efficient business management. A business management degree will equip you with the necessary skills to grow if you aspire to be in a leadership position in an enterprise or become an entrepreneur.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate program that enables you to navigate the competitive and constantly evolving business landscape. The specialised modules in the program help you gain expertise in specific business skills such as sales, marketing, finance or analytics. 

Having certain business skills will help ensure that you flourish in your career as an entry-level business executive or a budding entrepreneur. 

Top 5 Management Skills A BBA Program Teaches You

While there are plenty of business management skills companies look for in candidates, the five most important ones are:

1. Core Business Skills

You gain fundamental knowledge of business and key management concepts and learn the basics of different functions such as marketing, sales, finance, information technology, operations and other significant business areas. These core business skills help you build a strong foundation and pave the way to becoming a top-performing business executive or successful entrepreneur.

Depending on your area of interest, you can specialise in one or more areas like marketing, leadership and strategy, operations & supply chain, digital marketing and applied finance. 

2. Effective Business Communication

Effective workplace communication is crucial for business success. According to The State of Business Communication 2022 report by Grammarly, 93% of business leaders agree that “communication is the backbone of business.”

BBA programs have a module on soft skills that covers interpersonal communication skills. It helps you develop your verbal and written communication abilities to effectively convey your viewpoint to stakeholders. As you evolve into a business leader, you must regularly communicate with your colleagues, suppliers, customers and others who are part of the business ecosystem. 

A business management program gives you the communication and negotiation skills to thrive in the business world and helps you develop personally.

3. Leadership

The importance of leadership skills has increased with business transformation driven by technology. According to Mckinsey, 33% of failed business transformations occur because of a lack of alignment within the leadership team to support the desired changes.

About 75% of the respondent employees in a 2020 Mckinsey report considered effective communication the most critical leadership characteristic, along with empathy, humility and the ability to listen. 

A BBA program gives you opportunities to build leadership skills that you can hone over the years as you progress in your professional life. You are expected to work in a team on projects that require interaction and collaboration with other members. 

Interacting with senior executives from companies and consumers also helps you build interpersonal relationship management capabilities and empathy. These essential leadership skills will help you climb the corporate ladder or lead your employees effectively if you become an entrepreneur.

5 Must-Have Business Management Skills You Can Learn From A BBA Program
4. Problem-Solving And Creative Thinking

Companies continue to look for innovative solutions to remain competitive in a fast-evolving business landscape driven by technological advancements. For instance, PayTM partnered with Uber to offer its digital payments wallet service to Uber’s Indian customers. Another example is how Jio and Meta took advantage of their digital technology integration capabilities to expand their retail and telecom business across India, give opportunities to SMBs and enable access for all. 

Companies are looking for problem-solving skills and creative abilities in their employees. The case studies included in the BBA program help one develop problem-solving skills and creative abilities. These skills enable people to anticipate customer needs and market disruptions to ensure organisation preparedness. The Global Innovation Index 2021 ranks India as the top innovative country in central and south Asia. 

You get exposure to real-world challenges and an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and objectively learn business management’s intricacies. 

5. Entrepreneurial Mindset

It is important to have entrepreneurial thinking among future entrepreneurs, business executives, and leaders. The key characteristics that define an entrepreneurial mindset include ambition, drive to succeed, positive attitude, persistence, patience and motivation. 

A BBA program provides you with opportunities to hone your entrepreneurial skills. It will test your capabilities to effectively utilise resources, persist in facing challenges and learn from failure to keep progressing. The confidence and conviction you develop will help you in your journey as a business leader or entrepreneur. 


The business management skills learned as part of a BBA program help you differentiate yourself from others when you apply for a job. It also prepares you to start your own business and achieve greater success. You could consider¬†NMIMS Global’s 36-month Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program, which is offered in the ODL mode. This enables you to continue upskilling without disrupting your current professional or personal commitments.¬†

You could follow up with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) program in your chosen area of specialisation. 

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