Online MBA University Checklist

University Checklist: 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Distance MBA University

Are you considering pursuing an MBA degree in open & distance learning mode? That’s great! It is essential for graduates or working professionals who wish to pursue their ambition or manoeuvre career growth amidst an uncertain and fast-changing corporate landscape. However, before you put thought into action, take the first step wisely. Choose the best-suited distance MBA university to reach your goal. 

Here are the five essentials to consider and make that wise decision.

1. Pedigree

The reputation of your MBA degree will carry weight based on the pedigree of the university providing it. Pedigree gets built over decades, just like reputed brands. It brings sustained trust, character, and values into everything you experience in the university. Ensure that you:

You can easily separate the wheat from the chaff to shortlist the right pedigree university you deserve from an MBA course.

2. Programs

Closely evaluate the courses and specialisations various universities offer in their distance MBA program. You deserve an MBA that is:

  • Tailormade for upskilling working professionals to bridge the ever-widening skill gap in the industry.
  • Delivering relevant programs to fulfil a wide range of industry needs across specialisations, such as management of retail, banking, international trade, supply chain, and information technology, apart from marketing, human resource, and finance. 
  • Flexibility in duration for course completion, given that you would be juggling between work and course priorities.

3. Pedagogy

Learning online has made it possible for working professionals to study anytime, anywhere

The pedagogy of 21st-century distance MBA programs has to be technology driven. You need to check if the university program facilitates the following essentials:

  • Flexibility to learn on the move using mobile devices or on your desk using your laptop computer seamlessly with ease
  • Have 24×7 easy access to content that includes schedules, calendars, interactive live lectures, recorded sessions, and study material
  • E-access to faculty and peers for communication and collaboration on academic queries, experiential projects, and administrative matters
  • Online assessment and performance tracking tools to use

4. People

The troika of leadership, faculty, and students who come together under the university umbrella make learning happen. What matters in selecting and putting this troika together is not just the academic and professional quality but the prevalence of the principles of diversity, inclusivity, and equity that are increasingly becoming relevant in the world of work. Here are some pointers to look for:

  • The global experiences and collective expertise of the Leadership team.
  • The faculty’s expertise profiles across the various courses and subjects they teach.
  • The presence of active forums for past and present students.

5. Placements

The very purpose of your investment will be lost if all you have at the end of the program is an MBA degree in your hands with no one from the world of work who value it. Make sure that the university you choose for your MBA has an active cell for career counselling and industry placement that:


Your investment of time, money, and effort in a distance MBA program has to fetch you the greatest return. What do you think matters the most? Is it your program, your skills, or the value attached to the university? What matters the most is your right choice of the distance MBA university that delivers the program and the skills through the five Ps of pedigree, programs, pedagogy, people, and placements.

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