5 Vital Product Management Skills Required to Shine at Different Career Stages

According to the Wall Street Journal, 7% of Harvard Business School Grads secured jobs in product management last year. Product management is an organisational function that walks through every product cycle step. It focuses on various aspects of products, such as development, positioning, pricing, and more.

Product managers have to step into multiple roles throughout their careers. They often serve an interdisciplinary role to bridge gaps within the organization. In short, they are jacks of multiple trades.

If you want to grow in your product management career, you must possess numerous soft and hard skills.


5 Top Product Management Skills to Grow in Your Career

Only 26.6% of PMs have a clear understanding of their roles. That means product managers have to perform various jobs throughout their careers, and possessing the following skills can help them:

Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills

PMs’ main job role includes analysing information and offering insightful data to their team. Decision-making is a crucial part of product managers’ daily responsibilities. They can weigh their options without critical thinking skills and make smart decisions.

Therefore, at NMIMS, our program content is meticulously designed to create critical thinkers. Through virtual classrooms, our faculty throw realistic situations in front of students. So they can learn to analyse the situation and decide on action plans on their own.

Leadership Skills

Product managers are leaders who support and motivate their teams. Being PM, you must develop impressive leadership skills at senior and junior levels.

Now, no one can teach you leadership skills. You already have leadership skills within you; it just takes the right teacher to groom those skills.

Problem-solving Skills

Product development is an uncertain journey. At any stage, a problem can arise, and PM is supposed to solve it. Great product management skill is a problem-solving mindset. Without panic, PM has to undertake real facts and come up with a solution.

Under the NMIMS peer learning and interaction program, we let students interact with their peers, helping them learn vivid skills. A peer learning environment helps students in developing a problem-solving mindset.

Time Management Skills

Time is a virtue. Especially when you have to perform hundreds of tasks in a day. Latency and delay are two curse words in the product manager’s life. Therefore, they have to learn how to juggle everything on their hand while effectively launching products on time.

Time management skills evolve with great dedication and discipline. If you learn time management from the best, you can touch great heights in your career.

Research Skills

Research skills are required to conceptualize new products and find how the audience will accept them. Professional PMs assess customer needs and take up their feeds before developing a product cycle. In our product management curriculum, the research topic is explored most innovatively. So, students can learn boring research concepts with interest.

Product management requires numerous other analytical and critical skills besides a basic management degree. At NMIMS, we have designed our management programs for future leaders who need real skills.

If you want to become a ready-to-hire product manager, join any of our various management programs.

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