Distance MBA In Logistics and Supply Chain Management: All You Need To Know

Logistics is a growing sector in India, valued at $150 billion, which is 14.4% of the nation’s GDP. The supply chain sector in India has become one of the largest in the world. As more emphasis is placed on integrating technology and using new and more effective methods, the $160 billion industry employs over 22 million resources.

The data highlights a promising career in this sector for both existing supply chain professionals and those looking to cross the threshold.

With an MBA In Logistics and Supply Chain Management, the potential for a long, stable and prosperous career is enormous. 

What Is MBA In Logistics And Supply Chain Management?

An MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management helps you learn the strategic and operational roles logistics and supply chain ecosystems play in the business environment. Courses offered in India emphasise learnings from use cases specific to India and global business practices. You can learn about sourcing, operations, materials management, warehousing, distribution and last-mile operations.

The goal of an effective supply chain is to create competitive advantage, more efficient processes, transparency throughout the ecosystem and to enhance value chains where possible, all while keeping customer and user satisfaction as a priority. A Distance MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management helps one effectively deal with supply chain problems and manage opportunities and challenges in an internationally operated business without disturbing their professional life.


Some domains you will specialise in are Operations & Supply Chain Strategies, Procurement Management, International Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management and Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk.

You also learn about Research Methodology and work on a project to solidify your takeaways and add value to a Supply Chain Manager role.


With an MBA In Logistics and Supply Chain Management, you get the following benefits:

1. Growth

The market for Supply Chain Management solutions is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 11.4% between 2021 and 2031. Even when recession and economic strife are apparent, the sector continues to thrive. Qualified candidates can offer immense value to businesses and give them the skills and knowledge required to improve processes.

2. Financially Rewarding

According to Payscale, a Senior Supply Manager in India earns ₹18,79,219, whereas a Supply Manager earns ₹8,97,651 on average. With an MBA In Logistics and Supply Chain Management, you can expect to leverage your skills to earn well. 

3. Plenty of Job Opportunities

The supply chain sector in India employs more than 22 million people. Encouragingly, Tier-II and III cities are seeing a growth in consumption patterns. Hence, there’s a shift in focus towards logistics and a consequent increase in supply chain and logistics job opportunities in such cities.

Statista reports that the global supply chain management market was worth $16 billion in 2020. Over the last 10 years, the supply chain management software and procurement market have expanded more than twice. These supply chain networks form Global Value Chains (GVC), the primary channels for maintaining international trade relations.

4. Transferrable Skills

Skills learned from an MBA In Logistics And Supply Chain Management, namely commitment to quality, time management, a strong sense of ethics, technical knowledge and good communication skills, will be useful across sectors. Data skills and digital literacy will also hold you in good stead as technologies like 3D printing and data analysis are changing the face of the supply chain & logistics sector.


An MBA in this field helps you understand the intricacies of logistics, pick up the skills required to excel and integrate supply chain technology and strategies to ensure better outcomes.

After completing the course, you can move into well-paying, strategic roles like Supply Chain Manager, Procurement Manager, Quality Manager, Warehouse Manager, Maintenance Manager and Production Manager. Take the next step in your career to boost your role with an MBA In Logistics And Supply Chain Management.

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