Professional Skills Required in Different Stages of Career for Talent Acquisition Manager

Talent acquisition is a process of hiring prospective skilled employees to fulfil a company’s needs. Over the years, the field has evolved immensely. There have been many changes in response to the talent needs, business ecosystem, and jumps in technology. Being in talent acquisition, you need to be aware of the changing dynamics that will help you thrive in the coveted role.

Why does a talent acquisition employee need to upgrade professional skills?

  • To improve your quality, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increasing competition defined the current workplace.
  • A growing number of diverse workforces in terms of gender and generations
  • Changing personalities of workers.

As 2020 changes the landscape and the nature of the job, you need to harbour some traits and skills to perform in the specific role. So, here are certain professional skills you need to build.

  1. Team development: While you aspire to become a talent acquisition leader, the foremost step is to provide your team members with the proper support and guidance. As a manager, you would require the training skills to boost your teammates’ morale to carry on with the recruitment without any hassles.
  2. People Analytics: Talent acquisition requires you to deal with a lot of data. To ensure that suitable candidates become a part of your organisation, you need to build data visualisation skills. To begin with, communicate with the top management of various depts to understand the role metrics and what could be the benchmark for each metric.
  3. Stakeholder management: As a talent acquisition manager, it is crucial to note that your stakeholders are your most vital resource. The type of candidates you choose influences your organisation. Engaging with the stakeholders is critical as it will provide valuable experience, insight and knowledge into recruitment and the vision of the organisation.
  4. Negotiation Skills: Negotiation is one of the most significant recruitment skillsets you should aim to build. As the role demands, you will be required to negotiate with colleagues, clients and vendors. Be it defining pay structure or finalising a deal with the vendor. It is essential to learn to negotiate like a pro.
  5. Social recruitment:The COVID-19 pandemic situation can make us feel stagnant. However, this is when you can build your social skills by experimenting with social media advertising. This will make you familiar with modern recruitment techniques and help you understand the audience’s digital behaviour. These days it is the best way to keep your candidates engaged.
  6. Organisational leadership: Another goal of a talent acquisition specialist is the plan and work towards the successful running of the organisation. As a leader, you will be expected to design, build and implement more productive ways of working to ensure maximum return on investment. This depends on how effective you are in managing the organisation, admin, and employee expenditure.

How do you acquire the skills to be a talent acquisition manager?

Several institutes offer courses to upgrade talent acquisition skills through various management programs. If you are interested in being a future leader in the talent acquisition field, NMIMS Global is the best UGC-recognized university in India. You can easily apply for a 2-year MBA in Human Resource that makes you acquainted with recruiting, talent training, retention, organisational skills, among others.

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