Top 10 Things Every Business Intelligence Analyst Should Know!

The data analytics industry is booming. And to get started with your promising career, we will help you get the ball rolling. The market for Business Intelligence is expected to reach $29.48 billion in 2022, an 11% CAGR increase compared to $15.6 billion in 2016. The industry is flooded with dominant BI companies such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Tableau, etc.

If dealing with data analysis is your forte, you are on the right career path. A BI Analyst uses data modelling, data visualisation and data analysis techniques and technologies to identify the trends that help organisations improve processes and decision-making. Planning to take your career to the next level, then here are ten skills every business analyst should know:

  1. BI professionals use SQL programming. Even if you are working as a front-end BI analyst, you would still need to know about SQL and how to use it.
  2. The role also requires you to assess the areas of loss and identify improvements to increase profits or save capital.
  3. You can choose to work with companies operating in a particular niche or industry. For instance, if you are keen to work for the health industry, you have the choice to work for the sector by helping the hospitals with valuable data and online IT tools.
  4. The business analyst skills vary as per the specific sector, considering whether you want to be a front-end or back-end BI professional. However, you have the flexibility to switch as your career progresses.
  5. The business intelligence analyst role requires you to be efficient in analysing data, business strategies and providing solutions to real-world problems.
  6. In addition to analytical skills, you will also need to be good at communication, especially in the front-end profession. You will be required to communicate technical concepts to non-technical people.
  7. The annual income for the profession varies from one city to another. If you are working as a BI analyst in New Delhi, the approximate income will be 5,45,000 per annum, while it is 5,15,000 per annum if you are applying for a BI analyst position in Mumbai. Bengaluru, which is considered the Silicon Valley of India, the annual income is higher, Bangalore is 7,52,000 per annum.
  8. While you will learn some of the skills on the job, you still need to grasp industry dynamics and the area of the field.
  9. To build a professional career in the field, you need to have a progressive vision and extremely detail-oriented to succeed in the fast-paced business intelligence market.
  10. If you’re a student, you have many advantages on your side if you want to be a part of data analysis and visualisation. Some of the best degrees in the business intelligence career include MBA Executive with a Specialisation in Business Analytics.

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