Top 10 Things Every Business Strategist Should Know

While business requires qualifications, a basic set of skills can aid you in climbing higher in the ranks. It might seem like a simple job, but hatching plans and making decisions to reach the business objectives is complex. One cannot learn the expertise needed in this scenario from textbooks.

  1. Communication: Being arguably the most important skill, a business strategist can never prosper without good communication. Despite having an excellent plan, it can go to waste if it doesn’t translate properly to the team.
  2. Problem Solving: Without a high degree of problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, your job will feel punishing. The key to a good strategy is one without holes. Your plan of action should always be on point as it makes for half of your job. Goal evaluation and understanding the needs of the enterprise will help you in maintaining a good strategic vision.
  3. Decision Making: The business landscape is ever-changing, and to make optimal decisions for your team, you need to develop intuition along with industry knowledge. Having good intuition is like a superpower in strategy professionals.
  4. Leadership: Almost every job requires some level of leadership. With time, you should have good forethought and be able to lead in judgement. You should be confident in your solutions and take charge in any crisis.
  5. Analytical Mindset: Along with problem-solving and decision making comes the analytical mindset required to be a good strategist. Having a roadmap for the near future always helps business strategists implement their plans effectively and deploy cohesivity.
  6. Resilience: You will have many days where every passing hour at your job feels like a boulder is weighing on your shoulders. Business strategists work under a lot of stress as they are constantly bringing ideas to life. The only way to battle this is to focus on resolution rather than conflict and work towards it.
  7. Competitiveness: Keeping an eye out of competition is something all good strategists do, often without realising. While it is essential to focus on your own goals, you should be informed about your potential competition at all times. Good business strategists always aim to be better than they already are.
  8. Time Management: Once you fill the position of a business strategist, you will stay in a war with time. Not only will you find yourself being busy all the time, but you will also feel a stunt in productivity. Time management is learned over time by practising healthy habits and self-control, and harder to maintain. But with the right mindset, you can find the perfect balance between getting your work done and doing it well.
  9. Creativity: Like marketers, business strategists also have to factor in creativity while driving analytical results. Your superiors will grind you for stats, and there’s the constant anxiety revolving around KPIs. But you should know when a good creative idea can outweigh the results it shows.
  10. Documentation: Not a particularly popular skill, but documentation of reports is as important for business strategists as it is for any management position. This helps in tracking progress, targeting weak areas and seeing the full picture of a plan.

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