MBA in IT & Systems Management: Job Prospects

Wish to Pursue an MBA in IT & Systems Management? Here Are a Few Job Prospects

Technology roles are one of the key jobs in any organisation today. This means that those formally qualified in it are seeing a rising demand in the job market. Hence, courses such as an MBA in IT & Systems Management can result in promotions within the firm you are working in.  

Information Technology & Systems Management is concerned with monitoring, administration and efficient use of information technology systems and networks. More importantly, it is also about driving innovation in products and services. It has acquired tremendous importance in this technologically advanced era, with the curriculum including diverse subjects like data science, analytics, app development, blockchain, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and more. These are the tools behind the success of startups emerging as unicorns in a short period.

An MBA in IT & Systems Management covers the technical and managerial aspects crucial for any sizeable business. Given the ever-changing world of technology and the continual growth of technology-led platforms, we need information technology to help a business survive and grow.

MBA in IT & Systems Management – An Overview

One of the qualifications that will be relevant in the coming decades is technology — the fact that in 2022, the IT sector recorded the highest growth rate and created 4.5 lakh jobs proves this point. Combine this with an MBA, and you get a degree that qualifies you for top positions in technology. A high-quality MBA in IT & Systems Management inculcates the critical thinking expected of those in managerial and strategy roles. You are taught various tools and techniques in data science, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and analytics that can help you bring technology-led solutions to business problems. NMIMS Global provides a two-year course which gives you comprehensive know-how on the subject. You would have the confidence to face any situation in this department.

Job Prospects

A tech MBA qualifies you for promotions within traditional firms as they seek to modernise their products, services, and delivery. It enables a person to get jobs in top unicorns. The various positions you can consider with an MBA in IT & Systems Management are:

IT Manager: Information Technology is a critical department in a company that needs trained managers with a comprehensive overview of IT infrastructure, cyber security, ISO compliances, and the latest technologies. The best way to learn all this is to get an MBA in IT.

IT Business Development Manager: Companies dealing in IT products and services require market-savvy business development teams. Hence, they are likely to recruit people with a flair for sales and education in IT. An MBA in IT & Systems makes you the right fit for such jobs.

IT Security Manager: IT security is a significant concern for any company and requires constant updates and vigilance by specialists. To be in key roles in IT security, you need to understand IT deeply, and a rigorous course like an MBA in the subject solves your problems.

Digital Transformation Officer: Many companies are undertaking digital transformation exercises and overhauling their existing systems. They need digital transformation officers who understand the technology and how a corporate house functions. An MBA in IT will help you get such jobs because the course teaches you both technology and business management.

Marketing Intelligence Manager: Managing data about consumers is a job crucial to marketing and requires trained employees. An MBA takes you through live projects on the subject, makes you comfortable handling data and software related to it and makes you suitable for such a job.

Indian professionals qualified in information technology are in demand domestically and globally. Apart from the above, there are many more job profiles such as UX Strategist, E-commerce Manager, FinTech Product Manager, and Blockchain Business Strategist. This tech MBA degree is also suitable for those aiming to be a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the future and seeking a relevant qualification.


An MBA in IT & Systems Management fulfils the aspirations of those who want to undertake a time-tested MBA program and have relevant skill sets in the digital world. A distance tech MBA qualifies you for jobs in top unicorns of the country as well as traditional conglomerates. This is because the traditional firms doing well today are aggressive in adapting technology. NMIMS Global provides an MBA in IT & Systems Management that meets the industry’s requirements. The curriculum, projects, pedagogy, and pedigree of the course make a student eligible for high-quality jobs.

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