MBA in Operations Management

Wish to pursue an MBA in Operations Management? Here are a few job prospects

With the diversification and expansion of businesses, monitoring and regulating internal operations has become imperative. The field of operations is connected to logistics or supply chain management, which focuses on how organisations distribute their products or services to consumers, and what they can do to enhance speed and minimise delivery costs. Operations Management is concerned with developing and executing effective business practices to increase a company’s efficiency and production.

An MBA in Operations management equips professionals to oversee business operations and ensure they are practical and profitable. They become the backbone of the company’s day-to-day operations, assisting in delivering high-quality products and services at the correct price and on time. A graduate with an MBA in Operations Management primarily deals with production, manufacturing, or service delivery planning, coordinating, and overseeing. It is a delivery-focused subject that necessitates analytical and organisational abilities. Companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and Amazon already work with well-defined operational excellence to gain a more significant market share. 

Operations Managers have thus become an indispensable part of business enterprises. But it is crucial to delve deeper into the field before you leap. 

Career options

Students with MBA specialisations in this field can compete for jobs in various sectors, including manufacturing, consulting, and start-up businesses. Additionally, it provides top-notch training for careers in general management.

The Corporate Recruiters Survey found that 26% of respondents are interested in hiring MBA graduates for operations positions. Organisations in the energy and industrial industries wish to place 40% and 48% of new workers in operational roles, respectively.

MBAs are sought after for positions in operations across various industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce, information technology, and telecommunications. Following completion of an MBA program in operations, candidates may pursue the following positions:

MBA in Operations Management
1. Logistics Manager 

An organisation’s supply chain must be effective and efficient, and the logistics manager makes that happen. 

2. Purchasing Manager

In addition to supervising the work of buyers and purchasing agents, purchasing managers typically handle more complicated procurement tasks. They assess suppliers, negotiate contracts, and assess product quality.

3. Supply Chain Specialists

They are primarily in charge of organising the storage and transportation of goods between the producer and the customer. Their job description includes managing inventory, transportation, and daily supply chain logistics.

4. Manager of General Operations

The General Operations Manager is primarily responsible for finances and monitoring the budget and its utilisation.

5. Manager of Manufacturing Consulting

A manufacturing manager’s primary responsibility is to assist the manufacturing process by offering methods to enhance operations, developing new products, and conducting plant layout studies.

6. Plant Supervisor

Facility Managers are in charge of picking up the day-to-day operations of a manufacturing plant. They must monitor the systems’ efficiency and productivity to assess their performance and estimate the future of such plants. 

7. Operational Research Analyst

MBA operations emphasises the practical and theoretical elements. Anyone interested in the academic side of things can apply for Research Analyst. The primary duty entails allocating the company’s assets and resources and determining cost-effective strategies.

Businesses partner with white-collar gig partners for temporary work and core operational services. This indicates that operations management specialists will rise at a rate of 9% by 2026.

Scope of Distance MBA in Operations

Nowadays, many people want an MBA but prefer online or distance learning, which is ideal for working professionals. One can benefit significantly from an MBA in Operations Management

NMIMS Global is a well-known institute noted for its management courses, excellent e-learning infrastructure, and staff. The 2-year MBA Distance program and MBA (WX) for working professionals are designed to provide experienced employees with the freedom to pace the program to match their schedule without sacrificing their business or personal obligations. The MBA in Operations Management program takes a flexible approach led by industry professionals who can navigate the shifting tides of business trends, helping one amp up their careers in future. 

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