Decoding Behavioural Skills for Managers

The course is designed for managers to learn the nuances of personality, perception and conflict management. It will hone their behavioural skills to have better inter-personal relationships.

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Program Structure

Program Duration: 2 Hours
Module Description
Personality This module will help to decipher the meaning of personality and also decodes different types of personality traits/types through theories
Managing Perception Process This module will help to understand the meaning of perception in relation to organisation. It will also help individuals to know various perceptual distortions which unknowing or knowingly hamper our decision making process. It will help individuals to know about their real, ideal and tactical selves.
Conflict Resolution This particular module delves deeper into the concept of conflict. It discusses about the functional conflict and its significance in the organisation. It also throws light on the dysfunctional conflict and how to resolve it.
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