Head of Content ( 1 position )

NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education is looking for a Head of Content to help build Marketing and Academic Content Capabilities.


To manage Content team that is responsible for the following

  • Create, curate and manage content for
    • Marketing
    • Academic Delivery
  • Create and Manage Content Partnerships
  • Driving Content Strategy for the organization
  • Develop Content Department
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Will develop integrated content strategy both for marketing content and academic content
  • For Marketing Content
    • Will work with marketing team to decide content delivery channels
    • Will formulate strategies for different forms of content and their applicability
    • Enable structured content creation capabilities through the implementation of models and processes for sourcing information, analyzing, and creating content.
    • Play an active role in research and in this capacity formulate questionnaires and surveys, gather information from key industry figures in an attempt to determine the validity of proposed topics and themes for the business’s content
    • Oversee all the content put out by the business to the media through, direct mail, email, interviews, collateral, speeches, recorded messages, newsletters and so forth.
    • Manage and oversee all of the business’s social media channels in regard to content, promotion, consumer engagement, customer service, performance management, and listings. Also expand and oversee the social media development tools and processes in order to facilitate actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making for the business’s social media presence and content
  • For Academic Content
    • Work with Academic Team led by Dean/Chief Academic Officer to decide on content creation and curating strategies
    • Work with Academic Content Partners for creation of Academic Content
    • Drive a team of editors, script writers, content writers, instructional designers, subject matter experts and videographers to create content snippets and content pieces of various forms
Qualifications & Experience
  • Qualification: Must possess a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Business Administration, English, Public Relations, International Relations, Information Technology, Law, Psychology, or any other related field. A working experience of the equivalent is also acceptable.
  • Experience: A suitable candidate will have had experience of over 10 years working in a high-ranking position in the field of communications, preferably as a Senior Content Editor or Senior Content Marketer or Instructional Designers. He will also have had experience in the management of a team, leading that team to successful accomplishment of its goals.
Skills & Abilities
  • Strong Leadership skills and be able to manage a small team of content writers, editors, script writers, admin people and videographers
  • Strong Communication Skills, both written and spoken
  • Be able to work in a collaborative manner with multiple teams like Academic teams and Marketing teams
  • Demonstrated technological Savviness and experience on working with Digital Platforms is a must
  • Strong Analytical skills with deep interest in research and analysis of business related content
  • Should have some understanding and experience of Instructional Design
  • Should be hands on as the direct reportee team will be very small

Reporting Structure

The candidate will  report to CEO


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