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Cloud computing has been a growing industry for the last two decades. Top technology companies in the world have been investing in the development of cloud computing. But the recent pandemic has hastened the pace of transition to this technology. Working at home, virtual meetings, online classes, and restricted outside movements have forced even smaller and reluctant companies to consider implementing cloud computing. 

But what is cloud computing, and how to make a career in cloud computing? Keep reading further to explore.

What is Cloud Computing?

When you use a stand-alone computer system, you can use only the storage space, software, and other applications that are installed in that system. Cloud computing is the process of sharing resources, such as storage space, applications, etc., through the internet. 

There is no requirement to own them individually. A popular example of cloud computing is Google Drive. We can store and share large files and documents through google drive over the internet. We can also share a link and collaborate with colleagues to work upon a document.

A career in cloud computing

While cloud computing has been trending for a long time, using this technology brings with it some challenges that need to be looked into. This is where cloud computing professionals are needed. By 2022, India can see around a million cloud computing jobs. Cloud Networking, cloud database administration, cloud system administration, cloud architecture and cloud security are some of the profiles that one can consider to pursue a career in cloud computing. Once you make up your mind to enter this field, you need to acquire and develop relevant skills required for cloud computing discussed below.

How do I Start a Career in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a part of the IT industry. Thus, some basic IT skills are necessary to develop cloud computing skills as well.

●       Programming: – You don’t need to be an expert programmer at the beginning. But a working knowledge of programming and common programming languages like Python, Java, SQL, etc., is essential.

●       Knowledge of cloud service platforms: – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google cloud are some of the big names who are active in cloud service development. You need to have a basic knowledge of these platforms and their services. 

●       Stay up to date: – It is a dynamic field with the latest innovations happening each day. You need to stay up to date with the latest upgrades. You may consider pursuing some online information technology courses along with your regular studies.

●       Passion: Above all, a strong passion to achieve a problem-solving and trouble-shooting ability is what it takes to have a successful career in cloud computing

For working cloud computing professionals, NMIMS offers a distance education MBA in Information Technology and Systems Management. It helps to build key skills such as IT infrastructure management, IT security and risk management and more. The course can help you advance in your cloud computing career and hold higher positions in an organisation. 

NMIMS has a great faculty that come with great industry experience. The institute has also partnered with reputed organisations across industries to help their students in finding relevant jobs.

Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is here to stay. Experts believe that this domain has high growth potential in upcoming years. If you love to work in a dynamic environment and willing to learn and upgrade your skills, you may consider a career in cloud computing.

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