MBA In Marketing Management

Wish To Pursue An MBA In Marketing Management? Here Are A Few Career Options

Consumers’ buying behaviour and attitudes have changed drastically in the post-pandemic world driven by digital transformation. As a result, marketing strategies and plans have also had to adapt. Online shopping, the rise of the crib economy, localised marketing and eroding brand loyalties are keeping marketing professionals on their toes. The pandemic reinforced a truth already known in …

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Mohit Kapoor on ‘Bharat Vs India’ | NMentor Conclave Masterclass

Growing up as a millennial, a large part of today’s digital consumer has seen an evolved world where consumerism made a huge lifestyle shift. Operating from this space of understanding, Mohit Kapoor, Business Leader (VP) at Jio, draws a clear line between the definitions of Bharat and India and how marketeers should look at these aspects while communicating to them.

Rameet Arora on The New Marketing Paradigm in the Age of Millennials | NMentor Conclave Masterclass

At the NMentor Conclave – Delhi 2019, Rameet Arora, the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Digital Brands at HT Digital Streams, breaks down the evolution that lead to the millennial world as we know it. He shares a fascinating insight on the evolving consumer. According to him, marketeers need to become a part of the evolving relationship and understanding of the world along with the evolving expressions of the consumer instead of reinventing and over processing what the consumer needs.

What Every Affiliate Marketing Manager Needs

Be it planning, strategising, forging and maintaining long term relations, name it and there is surely an Affiliate Marketing Manager out there who does it all. Learn more about the essential sets of skills and tools one needs to make it in this field.

Professional Skills Required for Training & Development Managers

A training and development manager is responsible for initiating training sessions that help to drive any organisation’s growth and stay ahead in terms of changing business environment. What professional skills do you need to develop in this managerial position? Read this article to know more.

Professional Skills Required for Hiring and Resourcing Managers

Hiring and resourcing managers are the decision-makers in the company who are primarily responsible for selecting the right candidate for an organisation. If you are in an entry or mid-level position, read further to know what professional skills you should develop at different stages of your career to become a hiring and resourcing manager.