Impact Of Globalization On Indian Operations | Dileep Bhatt | Knowledge Series

Post Globalization, low-cost base, a surge in technology-based manufacturing and availability of resources have put the Indian manufacturing industry on a high growth trajectory. However, Indian manufacturers have been facing challenges in managing their Supply Chain. Watch this Webinar to learn how the new wave of developments will shape the Manufacturing Sector and how the entire ecosystem will undergo a dramatic change in the coming years with the head of India’s largest coated steel producer, Mr Dileep Bhatt.

Anand Bhatia on Decoding Millennials and How To Sell To Them | NMentor Conclave Masterclass

In this insightful talk conducted in NMentor Conclave – Delhi 2019, we take a look into how to effectively speak to millennials via marketing. According to Anand Bhatia, the Chief Marketing Officer of Fino Payments Bank, millennials have grown in the comfort of change. Watch as he decodes the new age of millennials which comes with the easy access to consumerism, a sense of abundance in choices, the shift from functional to indulgence and the rise of a more aware generation among other things and how marketeers should keep all this in mind while catering to them.