MBA In Marketing Management

Wish To Pursue An MBA In Marketing Management? Here Are A Few Career Options

Consumers’ buying behaviour and attitudes have changed drastically in the post-pandemic world driven by digital transformation. As a result, marketing strategies and plans have also had to adapt. Online shopping, the rise of the crib economy, localised marketing and eroding brand loyalties are keeping marketing professionals on their toes.

The pandemic reinforced a truth already known in marketing circles—that brands must communicate in precise and local terms and target consumers based on their unique circumstances and the things most relevant to them.

According to Mckinsey, consumers embraced five years of digital adoption in just 8 weeks due to the pandemic. This seismic shift has given marketers new opportunities to capture the attention of their target audience.

With an MBA In Marketing Management, you can work towards reimagining marketing strategies to keep audiences engaged digitally at various touchpoints and through different formats.

Scope Of MBA In Marketing Management

Marketing managers need to understand market research and consumer behaviour in-depth. Their tasks involve: designing and implementing strategic marketing plans for expanding the organisation’s customer base, creating a solid brand presence and boosting brand recall. They must also better understand the social impact on brand marketing, leveraging digital marketing strategies and paid search.

Completing an MBA In Marketing Management can help you navigate traditional and modern marketing with a deeper understanding of the business landscape.

Career Options And Salary

If you are a marketing professional eager to navigate the segment, an MBA In Marketing Management can help you step into any of the following roles:

Marketing Manager

They are responsible for devising, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for an organisation to attract new customers and retain old ones. Marketing managers work with executives to set targets and budgets and develop pricing strategies for products and services. So, they should be both business and marketing leaders. As per Payscale, the average base salary of a Marketing Manager in India is ₹6,80,421 per year. Senior Marketing Managers may command average base salaries of ₹12,79,015 per year. 

Media Buyer

Some companies publish advertisements in newspapers, television, radio and online. Media Buyers devise effective media buying strategies, work with different media outlets to finalise ad space and time slots and participate in media planning to identify target audiences and develop effective campaigns. Those with an MBA in Marketing Management are preferred for such a role. According to Payscale, the average salary for Media Buyers in India is ₹446,600 per year

Market Research Analyst

Market research firms conduct a thorough survey of the market and provide insights to companies that take important decisions based on these findings. Market Research Analysts gather data from various sources to forecast trends. They attempt to predict the direction the market will take in the future. They compare present trends with future expectations to decide where to deploy their resources. According to Ambition Box, Market Research Analysts earn up to ₹13 lakhs per annum.

Brand Manager

Brand managers handle several activities at the intersection of marketing, media, advertising and sales. They work with those who influence the company’s brand and ensure that its communication with the outside world is well-crafted. They’re responsible for ensuring that their organisation’s products, services and product lines are in line with the expectations of current and new customers. On average, Senior Brand Managers earn ₹1,500,000 per year

MBA in Marketing Management
Public Relations Manager

Public Relations (PR) Managers aim to create and maintain a positive public image of their organisation and increase brand knowledge. They collaborate with internal teams like Marketing to develop PR campaigns and media relations strategies. PR Managers must be calm when handling crises, have confidence, be good public speakers, and have project management skills. You will learn all this when you pursue an MBA In Marketing Management. According to Ambition Box, PR Managers earn, on average, a salary of ₹11.5 lakhs per annum in India.

Digital Marketing Analyst

A Digital Marketing Analyst is responsible for a brand’s online presence and sales by crafting and executing various digital marketing campaigns, including SEO/SEM, email, web, social media and display advertising. They also measure and report on the performance of these campaigns. Digital marketing analysts work with internal teams like Marketing, DevOps, and external vendors to launch campaigns on time and within budget. A Senior Digital Marketing Analyst in India can earn up to ₹12.3 lakhs per annum. 


An MBA In Marketing Management has tremendous scope across all sectors and qualifies you for various roles. According to Statista, the number of marketing professionals hired in India in April 2022 by multiple organisations’ advertising and marketing departments was more than 4,450. With a Distance MBA taught via the ODL mode, you can gain the skills you need to step up in the marketing world without pausing your current endeavours.

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