Professional Skills Required To Become An Organisational Development Manager

The role of managers in organisational development is to bring out the best version of the company to its customers. The journey of a business development manager begins with research followed by delegation, trend forecast, market growth, partnership & collaborations, and finding new ways to reach out to existing customers or markets. 

How To Become A Successful Business Development Manager?

To become a business development manager, a bachelor’s degree in project management, business management, or marketing is beneficial. Having an experience in sales or accounting is also useful.

However, an MBA in Business Management will help you secure a job as a business development manager in a reputed firm. Apart from the qualifications, the role of an organisational development manager requires basic knowledge about CRM – Customer Relationship Management. 

An organisational development manager or a business development manager must have the following skills to advance in their career. 

  1. Interpersonal Skills: A development manager role requires strong communication and interpersonal skills. 
  2. Research Skills: Gathering and studying enough research material always helps plan better and ahead of time. When a project is well researched, it becomes easier to strategise and market the product.
  3. Analytical Skills: An analytical mind and a problem-solving attitude will help sail smoothly. Not every project goes as planned – there are a few hiccups sometimes; however, if someone can calmly analyse the situation and come up with a solution that would be the development manager. 
  4. Project Management Skills: Every project starts with a goal, target audience, budgets, and deadlines. The role of a business development manager is to delegate the responsibilities and get the best results from the team. 
  5. Collaboration Skills: For a thriving business, one must be able to work and collaborate as a team. A proficient business development manager will set goals, communicate the idea, get the teams together and make the project successful. 
  6. Negotiation Skills: No business is complete without negotiation. Be it handling customers, getting teams to collaborate, or landing a project. A business development manager knows the worth and will devise a win-win solution that one can’t refuse. 
  7. Business Acumen: Having strong business acumen means keeping a keen eye on the market. It requires staying up-to-date with the latest trends and strategising accordingly to reach the market that would be beneficial to the business. 
  8. Technical Skills: A business manager must be well-versed with different software used in the development process. 

When an organisational development manager joins a new venture, these skills will help them navigate smoothly through the development process. Along the different career stages, they will have to polish and perhaps even focus on developing management skills according to the people. 

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