Top 10 Things Every Business Analyst Should Know!

Do you have problem-solving skills? Are you looking forward to running your own business someday? Then becoming a business analyst will be a smart move for you. It will definitely give you the much-needed kickstart to explore the industry.

 Top 10 Skills Which You Must Possess to Become a Successful Business Analyst:

  1. Excellent verbal communication: Communication is perhaps the most important skill which a business analyst must possess. The job of an analyst is to clearly communicate the results that he /she has concluded upon after in-depth studies.
  2. Deep understanding of delegated objectives: When a technical staff or the management delegates a task, you need to understand the communicated message both individually and holistically. Do not hesitate to ask again in case you fail to understand any instructions.
  3. Apt listening skills: You should be capable of absorbing valuable information while listening to details. Good listening skills for business analysts are quite mandatory as it enables you to analyse any information by understanding the speaker’s motive and context.
  4. Clear idea about the business objectives: From the very beginning, you need to have a clear understanding of your company’s requirements. Use your ability to convert the silhouette of vague ideas into concrete, substantial details.
  5. Time management ability: Time management is one of the most significant business analyst skills. You will be able to manage your work-life well only when you start pinpointing your priorities and schedule your everyday analytical tasks accordingly.
  6. Organised documentation skills: Make it a habit to jot down and record everything that you come across while analysing a specific situation. This will keep you organised and help you keep even the minutest details well-organised.
  7. Managerial abilities: Keep in mind that at times you will be required to predict budgets, assign tasks, plan and chart out projects and so on. Hence it is necessary that at crucial times, instead of breaking down, you can offer managerial guidance to your team. If you are a working professional looking to enhance managerial skills and establish a strong business foundation, NMIMS Global offers an 18-month MBA (X) in Business Analytics / MBA (Executive) with a Specialisation in Business Analytics.
  8. Ability to negotiate: Being a business analyst, you will always find yourself serving as a negotiator among developers, clients, users, management etc. You will be communicating your ideas to different people at different times. Therefore, it is necessary that you have excellent negotiating skills and robust convincing power.
  9. In-depth research: Most of the time, you will be involved in conducting in-depth research work to understand a specific project. You cannot leave behind any loophole and have to keep studying and analysing the project until you come up with the required data.
  10. A deeper understanding of the IT industry: Business analyst training keeps you abreast of all the technological developments in the IT industry. You should be proficient in using tools like business proof models, SQL queries, Microsoft Visio, etc.

Business Analytics is not a common profession. However, those who dream of carving a different niche in the business world can definitely try becoming a business analyst. Inculcating these skills within you and opting for an effective business analytics course can definitely take you a long way.

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