Professional Skills Required in Different Stages of Career for Retail Manager

Are you dreaming of a very bright future in the retail world?  An excellent career choice! Retailing is an in-demand career path that offers tons of opportunities to achieve success. But wait, the sector is not just about working for the world’s most reputable brands.  It is a challenging environment covering a vast spectrum of specialities ranging from inventory, stock replenishment, merchandising, internal coordination, marketing, customer service, etc. To juggle the different tasks and ensure everything is running smoothly, store managers need certain skills. Listed below are five core retail management skills that can help boost professional prospects to the next level.

  1. Effective in Multi-Tasking: Retailing involves a whole gamut of tasks, including operations, customer service, restocking, merchandising, logistics, as well as finances. Dealing with all that, day in and day out, is not only difficult but also taxing.  A good retail store manager needs to be resilient to soak up all the stress and multi-task under pressure without losing productivity.
  2. Strong Leadership Qualities: All management positions require strong leadership qualities, and the retail sector is no different. But what kind of leadership skills does it take to be successful in retailing? The best managers are those that lead by example. They must find ways to create an engaging work environment that motivates the team to deliver their best. That means explaining things clearly, listening, empowering the staff to contribute, and valuing their input.  An effective leader should be able to handle delicate situations judiciously, ensure discipline without high-handedness, use constructive criticism instead of mockery, and treat everyone with respect. 
  3. Good Communication Skills: Effective communication serves very well in the retail management career.  Managers have to interact with customers, employees, vendors, and superiors at all levels. They must draw on their communication skills via body language, facial expressions, tone, and manner to convey the right message. And yes, listening is important. It helps to understand and address the potential problems quickly.
  4. Outstanding Customer Service: The customer is the top priority in retailing. Whether online commerce or a brick and mortar store, customers want personalised service for a seamless shopping experience. A store manager who understands this sentiment and provides outstanding customer service by being approachable, proactive, responsive, respectful and empathetic, does well.  
  5. Tech Savvy: Retail is evolving! From behind the scenes functions to stock control, customer service, product information, troubleshooting, and feedback, the whole lot is rooted in digital platforms. Hence, a good manager should be computer savvy and familiar with the technical advances to streamline procedures and stay on top of everything.

How to become a Retail Manager?

There are different routes you can adopt. The simplest is to start working as a sales assistant through an apprenticeship and work your way up the ladder.  But if you want to future-proof your career in the retail sector, the best thing is to get a professional degree. NMIMS Global offers a distance education MBA in retail management.  The 2-year retail management course covers all the fundamental areas of retailing to navigate the various challenges this segment presents.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you know how to be a successful retail manager, what’s stopping you from getting enrolled? The knowledge, training, and key skills acquired will groom you into a smarter professional for a flourishing career in the world of retail. 

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