Distance Learning: An Ideal Route to Pursue Dual Specialisations

6 Reasons A Distance Learning program Is Ideal for Those Pursuing Dual Specialisations

Are you aspiring to pursue a dual specialisation in two different streams for graduation or post-graduation? Are you contemplating opting for a distance learning program but not sure if it befits your dual specialisation plan? This article will guide you through why you should pursue a dual specialisation degree through distance learning.

The growing prevalence of dual specialisations

A dual specialisation program lets you pursue a degree in two areas of focus simultaneously, which may or may not be in the same field – for example, finance and marketing. Several students are opting for dual specialisations today for the following reasons:

  • Obtain two degrees with specialisations in two areas of interest in the same academic year
  • Derive the dual advantages of distance learning—upskilling and gaining comprehensive industry knowledge and broader exposure in two disciplines —side by side
  • Save on the time and money otherwise spent in pursuing each specialisation separately
  • Pursue their passions and acquire skills by choosing their preferred fields from a wide range of subject and specialisation choices without making any compromises
  • Enhance their career prospects in two industries, get an edge in the highly competitive job market, and expedite their journey to reach the top of the organisational ladder

Distance learning program: Ideal learning pathway for pursuing dual specialisations

If you are thinking of pursuing dual specialisations, Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is an appropriate pathway for you to follow. Here are 6 reasons why you must.

1. Best of both worlds

Institutes imparting dual specialisations via open and distance learning leverage innovative learning models and tools to provide the best academic learning to students. Live lectures delivered online, virtual tours, and live webinars facilitated by competent academicians and industry experts give you a productive learning experience for both specialisation programs. Thus, you avail the benefits of getting dual specialisations.

2. A dual time-saving learning approach 

Pursuing two specialisations together preserves the years required to complete them separately, thus skimping on study duration and saving your time with a dual graduate degree in three years instead of six years. You can select two areas of interest simultaneously and choose universities that specialise in these particular distance learning programs with no need to shuttle between two campuses for two degrees.

Also, remote learning permits you to learn from distant locations, thus saving travel time. You can use the saved time to plan your learning calendar and manage your study schedules to focus on both specialisation courses.

3. A boost to career growth

Online education institutions leverage technology to create distance learning opportunities for working professionals and job seekers. The dual specialisation programs imparted via digital learning systems help broaden their competencies and scale their career trajectories.

You can pursue this alongside a job, thus diversifying your career prospects. You might have to put in a little extra effort, but it is worth the time. The new pedagogy allows you to acquire specialised knowledge in two streams and study at the pace, place, and time best suited to you.

Pursuing dual specialisations through ODL, like you can through an MBA (WX) program, is thus a value-add for career-oriented working professionals and a means to enhance career prospects for job seekers.

4. Financial benefits

When you pursue two specialisations simultaneously, you save on the fee and learning resource costs required individually for two degrees. Also, distance learning programs have a cost-effective and reasonably priced fee structure compared to offline courses, thus making them more affordable for diverse students. Part-time working professionals can easily finance their dual distance courses alongside routine living expenses.

5. Comprehensive learner support

Dual specialisations help provide a constructive platform for networking or building connections in two distinct learning spheres. While studying in two different domains, you can interact with students, lecturers/professors, industry experts, and professionals across geographies to get extensive learning support. You can be a part of online knowledge-sharing forums to discuss subject topics with fellow students and teachers of both disciplines for a rich interactive learning experience.

6. Diversity

Distance learning is an open learning platform accessible to all, regardless of location, religion, nationality, and cultural and socioeconomic background. Enrolling in dual specialisations helps double your opportunities to build contacts with people of diverse ages, qualifications, and professional experiences. 


Aspiring graduate and postgraduate students opt for dual specialisations through distance learning programs to advance their careers with an enriched educational background. Study time, duration, and location flexibility are the primary drivers for prospective students to choose distance learning to pursue dual specialisations.

Many of India’s career-led institutes for continuing education design and execute 21st-century distance learning teaching methodologies for students looking to upskill themselves. Aspiring working professionals can opt for MBA (WX) degree with dual specialisations through open and distance learning programs to get a splendid learning experience and accelerate their career growth.

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